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Trick Stars

Hoops & Hounds specialises in teaching tricks and fun behaviours. Our classes are split into different tiers depending on the difficulty of the tricks taught and any pre-requisite skills. Our entry level course is suitable for all dogs, whether they have learned tricks before or are just starting out. Each exercise is individually tailored so that everyone learns something new. So even if your dog has a huge repertoire of behaviors you can be sure they will take home new skills from the course! Additionally we are happy to adapt tricks according to the physical needs of both dog and handler so our classes are accessible to all. 


Levels 1 & 2

Our entry level course runs for 8 weeks and during this time you will learn tricks from our Level 1 & 2 titles. To attend this course there is no required previous training, although we do ask that dogs attending are comfortable being around other dogs and people. Behaviours taught in this course will develop key foundation skills which are built on to teach more difficult tricks in the advanced classes. Tricks in this course include: catch, drop, ring a bell, peekaboo, paws up, hoop jump, spin/twist, take a bow, fetch your lead and more!

Level 3

Our Advanced course builds on skills developed in the intermediate classes to master tricks from our Level 3 trick title. This course runs for 10 weeks and during the course your dog will learn figure 8's, roll over, paws up on your arm, chin target, football, cross paws, send around, beg and much more! 


In order to attend this course you must have previously attended the Level 1 & 2 course with your dog.


Trick Club

When you and your dog have completed your Level 3 title and are ready for the next challenge you can join our Trick Cub! Held on Tuesday evenings at our Newport venue, trick club is run on a rolling basis with no set course length. We teach you the tricks from our Level 4 & 5 titles and also an endless selection of show-stopper tricks! In the past these have included a rolling hoop jump, scootering, basketball, roll up in a blanket, tidy your toys and more! We are always coming up with new tricks to master so if you like to get creative, then this is the class for you!


If your dog can already do the tricks covered in our Levels 1-3 courses you might be able to join our trick club without attending these courses first. Please contact us to chat about this option if you think your dog is ready for the challenge!



“We loved it! My rescue dog has never been in this kind of environment and he loved it, picked everything up really quickly and is now fast asleep! Bring on next week!” 

—  Helen M


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