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We are offering a full range of services during the COVID-19 pandemic including online classes, workshops and 1to1 training sessions. For more information please click here. We look forward to welcoming you soon


Train For You

Are you finding it hard to juggle the commitments of family and work life alongside attending classes with your dog? Is your dog's behaviour at home or out on a walk causing you stress?  Do you often find yourself wishing you could change things?  Our Train-for-you service might be just what you're looking for! We are experts in teaching dogs a wide variety of skills so why not put our expertise to good use and get us to train your dogs for you! No need to fit sessions around your schedule. We can get the training started immediately for you and then teach you how to maintain it at home!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our train for you service is on hold due to travel restrictions in place throughout the country.


We are still able to help you with your training needs via our online class packages, 1to1 training sessions and video consultations. Please check out our currently available services here, or email using the link below to get in touch with us directly.


Puppy Power

Use our expert skills to give your puppy the absolute best start! We can focus on teaching your puppy basic manners, focus, loose lead walking, reliable recall, toilet training , fun tricks and anything else you would like. What's more is that we can do this at times when you're out at work, providing your puppy with enrichment, company and new skills while you're gone! Training takes place within your home and local environment. A handover session allows us to pass these skills onto you too. We are more than happy to take photos and videos of your puppy during the sessions so you can enjoy seeing what they have been up to!

Tricky Teens

Adolescence can be a tough time for us and our dogs. Behaviours puppies mastered can seem long lost and with the surge in hormones comes a natural interest in other aspects of life. Puppies who would come as soon as they were called, suddenly start to have selective hearing. Impulsive behaviour becomes more frequent and we might see a recurrence in chewing furniture or marking in the house. We are here to help you through this stage of growing up!  Training can cover any aspect and takes place within your home and local environment. A handover session can be arranged to pass on the skills we've trained. We are more than happy to take photos and videos of your dog during the sessions so you can enjoy seeing what they have been up to!


Loose Lead Walking

One of the aspects many people dislike about taking their dog out is the constant pulling in the lead. Being dragged through bushes or across the road to see dogs or people is never fun! Do you ever feel embarrassed by your dogs behaviour whilst out on a walk? Does your dog scream in frustration if they can't greet another dog? Do you frequently get asked 'who is walking who?!' Why not book our train-for-you sessions and get us to come in and walk your dog whilst you're at work? You'll get the peace on mind knowing that your dog is enjoying appropriate exercise whilst you are out but with the added benefit of them learning better manners and some epic walking skills too!


Do you struggle to call your dog back on a walk? Are they often brilliant in quiet locations but ignore your calls as soon as there are distractions? Are you worried that your dog's sense of free adventure could get them into trouble? Not to fear, we're here to help! We can come in and walk your dog for you when you are at work whilst also training them to come back with gusto when you call them! It's a win-win situation! Your dog gets to enjoy fun walks and enriching training games and you get to have a happy and contented dog who can't wait to run back to you! 



Going out for the day or heading to work? Why not get us to pop in and spend some time with your dog, teaching them some new skills and enjoying enrichment activities. We can cover any topics you would like, to benefit both you and your dog. We are happy to work through set tasks you would like us to practise or indeed create a program of enrichment around your dog's individual needs. We can also take photos and videos so you can enjoy seeing what your dog's been up to whilst you've been gone!



“We loved it! My rescue dog has never been in this kind of environment and he loved it, picked everything up really quickly and is now fast asleep! Bring on next week!” 

—  Helen M


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