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Paws On Boards

Dog Surfing involves dogs that are trained to surf on surfboards or body boards riding waves, either alone or alongside a human. There are many variations from skim boarding, to windsurfing, paddle boarding to kayaking. This exciting sport will take dedication to train and is only available to dogs and their owners who have already undertaken advanced reward based training. 


Historically, dogs have been documented as surfing since the 1920’s in some parts of the United States and Australia but this sport is relatively unknown in the UK. 


In 2017 Hoops and Hounds teamed up with Dogs Helping Kids to bring this thrilling sport to the UK. We designed a ground breaking course to introduce dogs and their owners to dog surfing in a safe and responsible way, with the well being of the dogs being our primary concern at all times.


Competitions and exhibitions that feature surfing dogs have occurred in various coastal areas throughout the world. We hope to bring the competition to the UK's shores over the coming years.

We offer group classes, workshops and individual training to build your dogs skills as a surf superstar.


Group Surfing Classes

Bringing you the UK's very first Doggy Surf School! Our entry level course runs for a duration of 8 weeks and is suitable for dogs over the age of 12 months. Over the course you will learn how to safely introduce your dog to the surfboard, increase focus in distracting coastal environments, teach ideal board positioning, body awareness, build confidence on the water, increase strength and balance and progress to your dog being able to being able to ride calm waves into shore. 

1-to-1 Surfing Lessons

Can't make it to our regular classes? Visiting North Devon on Vacation? We have you covered! We offer 1-to-1 Paws on Boards surfing sessions to fit around your other commitments of holiday plans. We can arrange one off taster sessions or regular private lessons to introduce you and your dog to this amazing sport. 

We also offer pre-beginners sessions for young dogs (less than 12 months) who aren't yet old enough to fully  participate in the surfing lessons but want to get started on the essential foundation skills!


Surfing Workshops

Workshops are a great option to get started with surf training if coming along to weekly classes is difficult to work around other commitments. These popular sessions last for half a day each and you can attend as many as you would like to with your dog to build their surfing skills. Sessions are mixed ability and open to all dogs over the age of 12 months who are social with other dogs and people.

Host Us

Do you want to try surfing but can't make it to North Devon? Perhaps you run a dog training business and have a group of owners who would be up for the challenge? Maybe you and a group of friends would like to try surfing with your dogs but don;t know where to begin? Why not consider hosting us to run a Paws on Boards workshop for you! We're happy to travel throughout the UK and provide surfboards and dog life jackets for the sessions. Get in contact to chat to us about the options and availability.


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