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Good Companion Awards

The Good Companion Awards Program (GCA) gives you the chance to test your knowledge, skills and ability to manage your canine companion in real life settings. The aim of the program is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that you and your dogs undertake to make your lives together incredible. At the initial stages training will be held indoors and as you progress through the levels we will begin to visit a variety of locations and put your skills to the test in the real world.

There is a lot to raising a dog to be a model canine citizen and this course is your chance to build a solid training foundation whilst working through fun exercises and games designed with everyday life in mind.


Level 1

Level 1 is the entry level to the program suitable for all dogs who have undertaken either a puppy or teen/adult foundation course with us. (You can also attend if you have completed the same training in 1to1 sessions with us) During the course we will teach you and your dog a selection of skills from our progressive training awards. These will include: advanced loose lead walking, excellent greeting manners and social interaction, fun tricks, body awareness and confidence in movement, leave in a variety of situations, recall from distractions, stay, send to a mat and more!

Level 2

Our Level 2 course builds on the skills developed throughout level 1. We introduce door manners, car manners, the emergency stop, relaxed handling, calmness when left, off lead walking among distractions, lead walking whilst carrying objects, advanced body awareness and more! Assessment will be continuous over the course so there's no need to worry about a scary assessment at the end!


Levels 3-5

We are currently writing the higher levels and will be developing skills more in the real world. Teaching your dogs to settle in busy cafes, recall from distractions on the beach, do a stay in the park whilst you go to the bin, controlled calm manners whilst you pay in a shop and much more! Lessons will taken place in a variety of locations around the Barnstaple area and really put your training to the test! At the highest levels your dog will be trained to the same standards that is expected of assistance dogs, making them the ultimate companion. We'll even teach your dog to help with the chores around the house! Do you have what it takes to reach the lofty heights of our Level 5 Good Companion Award? For more information please contact us using the link below.



“We loved it! My rescue dog has never been in this kind of environment and he loved it, picked everything up really quickly and is now fast asleep! Bring on next week!” 

—  Helen M


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