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We are offering a full range of services during the COVID-19 pandemic including online classes, workshops and 1to1 training sessions. For more information on our 1-to-1 training please see below. We look forward to welcoming you soon


1:1 Training

Hoops & Hounds offers 1:1 dog training which is perfect for a variety of different dogs and people. These sessions are great for anybody who might struggle to attend regular classes or for dogs who find group training stressful. 1:1 training is also brilliant for working on training specific tasks or creating a bespoke plan to cover multiple areas you would like to work on with your dog.


We can cover a huge variety of topics including: loose lead walking, recall, impulse control, house training, food manners, confidence boosting, calmness and settling, voluntary vet behaviours, assistance dog training, tricks and much, much more! 

We also offer behavioural consults for dogs who are showing aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people, struggling with separation problems, are fearful or anxious, try to chase cars among other issues.


Have a browse through the example packages we offer below but do get in touch if you have any specific training in mind and we can discuss a suitable training plan for your dog.


Puppy Essentials

Have you just brought your new puppy home and would like to learn how to understand them better and teach them the skills they need to thrive? From the moment you bring your puppy home there are lots of important things you'll want to teach them, from how to be calm and relaxed, not to bite your hands or clothes, wait nicely for food, take treats gently, let go of things when you ask, not steal things, come back when you call, pay attention to you, keep their paws on the floor and lots more!


Even before you bring your puppy home we can help you prepare for their arrival with one of our pre-puppy sessions, designed to help you with those crucial first few days of your puppy coming home. We can help with advice on toilet training, puppy proofing, night time routine, the journey home/car travel, what to expect in the first week and much more. This would take place at your own home  so advice is specifically tailored to your individual needs. 


Getting things right from the beginning is so important so why not chat to us about booking your bespoke 1to1 training package for your puppy.  We can look at dog-dog interactions and how to set your puppy up for happy encounters by understanding their body language and what to do if things go wrong... 

Sessions can take place at home and out and about around North Devon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all 1-to-1 training will be conducted via video link.

Rescue Dog Essentials

Bringing home a new rescue dog can be an exciting but also daunting time. How will they settle in? Will they get on with your other pets? How slowly should we integrate them with existing dogs in the home? How do we ensure a happy relationship with our children? How do we toilet train an older dog? There are lots of questions about bringing home a new dog, particularly those who might have had a less fortunate start in life. We are here to help you ensure that their transition to your family is smooth and enjoyable for all. From preparation visits before you bring them home, to help settling them in over the first week, building their confidence, and teaching them some key skills to thrive in their life with you. 

Getting things right from the beginning is so important, so don't leave it to chance! Talk to us about how we can hep you with your new addition to the family and ensure things go well.

Sessions can take place at home and out and about around North Devon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all 1-to-1 training will be conducted via video link.



Do you have mental or physical disabilities which affect your day to day life? Are you interested in learning how your dog can be trained to assist you with everyday tasks? Dogs are incredible and can be taught tasks like picking up dropped objects, bringing you your phone when it rings, helping you to load and unload the washing machine, interrupting physical tics, alerting you when you're becoming unwell, providing deep pressure therapy, acting as a barrier between yourself and others in crowded areas and much more!

We offer bespoke training packages tailored to your individual needs to allow you to teach your dog skills which absolutely have life changing results.

We are able to work alongside you to achieve assistance dog status through DogAID if accreditation and public access are required. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all 1-to-1 training will be conducted via video link.

Reefdogs Canine Surfing

We are the only doggy surf school in the UK! Our ground breaking training program introduces dogs and their owners to dog surfing in a safe and responsible way. From the early stages of building confidence and balance in puppies, through to teaching dogs to surf the waves at competition level this epic new sport is starting to gain momentum!


Our 1to1 packages are very popular throughout the summer months and are great for enjoying a taster into the sport or building your skills to competition standards. Suitable for all dogs who are in good health and enjoy getting wet! Each session lasts for around 1-1.5 hours and costs £100. Surfboard and dog life jacket hire is included but owners will need to bring their own wet suit.

Owners don't need to be able to surf but should be willing to get wet and have fun!


Do you have what it takes? Get in touch today to find out if your dog could become the next surfing legend!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still able to get your dog started with learning how to surf. There are lots of foundations which can be mastered in the comfort of your own home via our video link 1-to-1 training sessions.


Behavioural Training

Does your dog struggle to walk past or meet other dogs or people without barking and lunging? Do they struggle with being left on their own even for short periods? Do they become nervous or anxious when you are out or practice dangerous behaviour like chasing cars or bicycles?

Behaviours like these can be hard to cope with and often affect not only our dogs quality of life, but also ours too. Having first hand experience of living with reactive dogs, we know just how alienating it can feel... But we are here to help!

We will work at your dog's pace to change how they feel in these situations and as a result alter their behaviour. Using only scientifically proven, kind and ethical methods we will create a bespoke plan and care package for you and your dog to meet your individual aims for training. Full support is given including ongoing telephone support between training lessons. Prior to commencing training we will need dogs to receive a full vet check-up to rule out pain or illness as a cause for behaviour. 

Don't struggle in silence, we're here to help you build a brighter future for you and your dog!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all bahavioural consultations and training will be conducted via video link. It's actually a brilliant time to get the help you've been wanting for your dog, especially with quieter walks and more time on our hands to get stuck into training!

Fun and Games!

If you're wanting to teach your dog some new tricks and ways to have fun together but can't make it to one of our group classes our 1to1 sessions would be perfect for you! Whether your dog struggles in busy environments or the group sessions are at times which don't fit around your schedule, you don't have to miss out on the fun!


We can cover a variety of new and enriching activities to do with your dog from trick training, to scentwork, or doggy parkour to Real Dog Yoga! There is something for everyone to enjoy no matter the age or physical ability of your dog. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all 1-to-1 training will be conducted via video link. Learning new tricks and games will really help your dog to thrive during the challenge of reduced exercise and altered routines. Contact us for more information on how we can help your dog to excel during this time!



“We loved it! My rescue dog has never been in this kind of environment and he loved it, picked everything up really quickly and is now fast asleep! Bring on next week!” 

—  Helen M


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